Meaf Machines B.V.

SAVE up to 675.000 kWh ANNUALY on your energy consumption!

MEAF Machines produces the most energy-efficient sheet extrusion lines for film an sheet available on the market!

The MEAF H-series extruders are equipped with an energy efficient design, consisting of an optimisation of key-components, such as;

  • Screw- and barrel- design;
  • Heating elements;
  • Temperature profile during sheet extrusion.

This unique combination, in a MEAF sheet extrusion line, gives you the following advantages compared to our competitors:

  1. Improved output by 20 – 100%;
  2. Reduce total energy consumption by 10 – 65%;
  3. Improved process stability at lower RPM’s (< 250 RPM’s);
  4. Universal suitability for nearly all thermoplastic resins., incl biodegradable variants;
  5. Problem free processing of regrind/recycled material up to 100%.

MEAF’s extrusion possibilities:

Foil: 150 – 5.000 µm | (0.15 – 2.0mm)
Sheet: up to 20 mm
Co-extrusion: up to 7 layers
Width: up to 5.000 mm