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MEAF reconditioning and retrofit department offers an one-stop shop solution for your existing extrusion lines, by providing afull range of customer orientated solutions. Supported by an extensive database of extrusion and thermoforming knowledge, combined with the latest in servo driven and touch screen technology we are able to upgrade your existing line (of virtually any brand!) in order to meet changing process demands.

As an example we can add and integrate all of the following items below to your existing extrusion line.

  • (Co-)Extruders
  • Flat die
  • Take-off system
  • Thickness gauge
  • Anti-Block
  • Lamination/coating
  • Accumulator
  • Winding system
  • Filling and dosing system


Over the years, MEAF has positioned itself as a manufacturer that provides solutions on a wider range than just producing new machinery. Retrofitting or upgrading an existing extrusion line can improve its performance, efficiency and the convenience of operating.

Due to MEAF’s flexible company structure, we are capable to turn an idea or concept into an end product whereby all steps of the processes are captured under one roof.

In order to ensure that our designs are well engineered and accurate, MEAf uses the latest in CAD/CAE and PLM software of Siemens, Solid Edge and Teamcenter.

In good consultation with the customer, we translate your ideas, requirements, specific customer requests and factory layout into an one-stop shop solution!