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Extrusol Operating System

All delivered sheet extrusion lines are delivered with MEAF’s own developed control system Extrusol. This system encompasses all the required data, functions and recipes into one single system.

Modern production machines only can fulfill the high expectations of customers, if they can be operated and controlled in an easy but efficient way. By the MEAF control system with user-friendly features and many diagnostic tools, we can make life easier for operators and maintenance personnel on MEAF machines.

The standard volume-based synchronization of the extruder, co-extruders and calander can be optionally changed into a weight-based synchronization in order to be completely independent of variations in specific weight and mixtures of the raw material used in the extrusion line.

This makes operating the MEAF extrusion line even more easier.


Extrusol is controlled by means of a touchscreen and can be set for different levels of access. The combination of the control system with the SpeedAdjust handwheels gives the operator the possibility to quickly, simultaneously and accurately change of the speeds main extruder screw motor, gearpump motor, chromium cooling roller motors and the coextruder screw motor.

Extrusol Control System Highlights

  • Excellent monitoring of all machine functions from a single point for easy operation with automatic synchronization of every (co-)extruder, calander, till the winding system;
  • Recipe management for storage of machine settings and production lots certification through process parameter printouts on a printer and USB-stick;
  • Fast and accurate extruder control with the SpeedAdjust hand wheels;
  • High-precision, integrated soft-temperature control of heating zones;
  • High operational availability due to powerful diagnostic tools (e.g. actual and historical alarming and trending, etc.);
  • Remote assistance via internet connection;
  • Network connections (CAN, DIAS-bus) of frequency converters, servo controllers, remote I/O’s for high performance and real-time positioning of moving axis.

If the extruder is not in continous (24/7) production it is possible to automatically switch on the heating system, to ensure that the machine is ready for production at the start of a new shift. This can be easily set through the touchscreen. Some of these settings in the machine have been protected with a password; it is possible to set passwords for 3 different levels, which can be controlled by the Supervisor of the machine.

In case of a malfunction of the CPU, the extruder program which is on the memory card can be easily transferred to the new control system. Also the recipes are saved on the memory card. There are no programs stored inside the servo drives and frequency inverters, in case of a malfunction, the drives are easily replaced, with minimal settings. Even if the operator panel needs to be replaced, an ordinary PC monitor can be connected to the control system and the extruder can still run without having to wait for another operator panel!

If problems occur with the system, MEAF can perform remote diagnosis and service, available with a connection to the office network. Furthermore this option gives the possibility to remotely acces the extruder from virtually any place in the world!



Internal program storage
2 x Compact Flash Type I or II

Internal data storage (SRAM)
256 kByte (battery powered)

Internal data storage (DDR-RAM)
256 – 512 SDRAM

Interface connections
1 x Ethernet 10/100 Mbit
1 x RS232 – COM1
1 x RS232 / RS485 – COM2
1 x DIAS Intelligent (Weidmüller plug and 14 pin flat cable
1 x CAN for PLC
1 x CAN for terminal
1 x S-DVI Interface for terminal (TFT Display, USB CAN keyboard)
1 x UBSV
1 x USB V1.1

Expansion card
1 x Ethernet 10/100
1 x LPT – printer
1 x RS232/RS485/RS422 – COM3
1 x RS232/RS485/TTY/Multidrop Bus – COM4

Status display
Status LEDs

Real Time Clock


15” TFT panel

Operating unit
Touch folio

Front side : 3 x USB V1.1.
Backside : S-DVI
1 x CAN with 2 connections