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Take-off system

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Take-off system for the production of sheet thickness ranging from 0.18 – 20 mm. The following types of calanders are available:

  • Vertical calanders
  • Inclinded (45º) calanders
  • Horizontal calanders

The total line speed is adjustable with one hand wheel. With an offset value it is possible to adjust the speed of the top and bottom roller within +/- 5% of the line speed. The maximum tension in the sheet can be set on the operator panel.

The rollers are double shell polishing rollers, outer shell hardened, with cooling spiral for efficient and uniform heat transfer and cooling over the full cylinder length and are hard chrome plated. The rollers are supported with heavy-duty, self-aligning bearings for accurate, smooth and trouble-free running and all 3 rollers are separately driven by servo-drives and AC-motors.

The calander diameter ranges from Ø 300 – 600 mm according to the required capacity of the extrusion line.
The calander width ranges from 500 – 2500 mm.
Multiple after-cooling rollers are installed for improved relaxation and stress-free (PP) sheet.

Rubber-roll unit
The rubber-rol unit is placed after the calander and is fitted with a knives system for cutting the sidetrims and/or lane cutting.

The knives are a static knives with double knife holders for fast and easy replacing of the knives during running of the line.

As option a roller knives system can be provided for cutting thick(er) and/or more brittle sheets.


The individual temperature regulation of the rollers is done my means of a microprocessor controlled temperature regulation of heaters and water pumps, which are connected to a chiller. As with all machine and temperature settings, these values can be stored in the recipe management system in the control panel of the extrusion line.

Nip adjustment system
For nip adjustment between the rollers a “continuously adjustable gap adjustment calibration system” is available. The gap/nip between the rollers is accurately and finely adjustable with wedges and has a digital read-out function on LCD. Optionally, a motorized gap system is available where gap settings easily can be stored in the recipe management system in the control panel of the extrusion line.


Position of the roll stack: Vertical Inclined (45º) Horizontal Roller diameter Ø300 – Ø600 mm Roller width 500 – 5000 mm Drives Servo-drives and AC-motors with feedback Ionization bar Included Movement Motorized horizontal movement system Motorized vertical movement system (for horizontal take-off) Temperature regulation system Individual microprocessor controlled temperature regulation system Rubber-roll 2 rollers Ø 210 mm Side-trims Stanley knives system Roller knives system