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Fluid applicator

Fluid applicator and dryer for antiblock, antifog and antistatic liquids

The unit consists of a stainless steel frame, mounted with a roller unit with dripping system. This system ensures equal application of the emulsion. The unit has 2 sets of steel rollers from which the dripping system will apply the emulsion on the foil. From each set, one of the rollers is covered with thick rubber. The dripping system consists of a stainless steel tank with a circulation pump to keep the emulsion mixed.
Optionally two different tanks can be installed to apply different liquids simultaneously on both sides of the sheet.


After the emulsion has been applied to the foil, it is necessary to dry. This process is undertaken by means of 2 sets hot air blowers ( 5.1 kW each), which are placed between the loops of foil. The air blowers are in width and in power adjustable. Each set of blowers has 1 fan, mounted on the side of the roller frame and which provides the air.

For A-PET sheet ranging from 0.18 – 2.0mm thickness

  • Fully made of stainless steel, mounted with a roller unit with dripping system
  • Rollers are pneumatically pressed
  • Including stainless steel tank (60 litres) with circulation pump
  • Two dripping pumps with suction and level guarding with alarm light.
  • Including control box for stand-alone operation


Roller width: 1.050 mm – 1.500 mm
Material Stainless steel Applicator rollers Covered with 10 mm thick rubber 2 sets of adjustable hot air blowers (5.1kW each)