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Flat die

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MEAF delivers all dies in their extrusion lines from first-class die manufacturers. All these dies have a computer calculated manifold for optimum distribution of the materials in the die.
As a standard we deliver the flat dies with flexlip and coathanger manifold.

Automatic lip adjustment system

Besides the standard dies MEAF can also deliver dies with an automatic lip adjustment system which is connected to the thickness measurement system for precise adjustment. This system is always on line and checks simultaneously all adjustment bolts, ensuring the lowest sheet thickness variations possible.

Feedblocks are available for co-extrusion. As with flat dies, these feedblocks are computer calculated for optimum distribution of the materials in the feedblock, and the layer distribution is arranged by either layer selector plugs or with valves.

Different layer distributions for up to 7 layers can be reached such as:

  • Two/multiple coloured sheet;
  • BAB or BABC layer configuration for regrind material solutions;
  • 5 - 7 layer (EVOH barrier) sheet.
  • G-PET, the so called GAG sheet;
  • A coextruded layer with additives like anti-blocking, usually done with PET material.


FLAT DIE Sheet width Up to 5.000 mm Thickness range Sheet: 150 – 2.000 µm | (0.15 – 2.0 mm) Plate: Up to 20 mm Materials PP, PS, HIPS, PET, PE, PA, PLA, TPE Deckling Included Automatic lip adjustment Optional FEED BLOCK Types available Fixed or variable With selector plugs With valves Amount of extruders Up to 3 Layer distributions 2 layer B-A; 3 layer B-A-B; 5 layer C-B-A-B-C (Possible with 2 co-extruders) 7 layer D-C-B-A-B-C-D (Possible with 3 co-extruders)