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Save up to 675.000 kWh annually on your energy consumption!


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The MEAF H-Series extruders are designed for high-output with low energy consumption. This is done through optimized combination of “key-components”, such as screw & barrel, heating elements and temperature profile (developed by MEAF’s specialist).


Energy saving

The MEAF H-series extruders are an unique concept when it comes to energy saving, which has proven itself already for many years! Due to the optimized design of the H-series, it is possible to generate average energy consumption of 0.18 and 0.20 kWh/kg for the complete extrusion line, including the calander.

Motor and gear reduction

The MEAF H-series extruders are driven by maintenance-free 3 phase AC motors with a connected load varying from 30kW – 250 kW. The extruder is standard equipped with a high efficiency motor, provided with a sound-reduced external cooling fan and thermocontacts for overloading and overheating protection.

Screw and barrel

The MEAF extruder is equipped with a special energy-saving screw and barrel, which works with a unique melting process principle.


Screen Changer

Different types of screen changers can be incorporated in the extruder. For the main extruders MEAF uses the following type screen changers (of a renowned European brand) as a standard:

  • Continuous hydraulic double plate screenchanger for the extruders;
  • Discontinuous hydraulic or manual screen changers on request

When you are looking to include a particular brand of screen changer or any other key-component, MEAF is always willing to investigate the possibilities and integrate your specific choice into our extruder.

Melt Pump

Our MEAF extruders are standard equipped with a first-class, European brand melt pump to eliminate pressure fluctuations in the flat die.


Co-extrusion options are available for multiple layer sheet production such as:

  • Two/multiple colored sheet;
  • B-A-B or B-A-B-C layer configuration for regrind material solutions;
  • 5-7 layer (EVOH barrier) sheet.

Other well known applications for co extrusion are:

  • G-PET, the so called GAG sheet;
  • A coextruded layer with additives like anti-blocking, usually done with PET material.


Suitable for PP, PS, HIPS, PET, PE, PA, PLA, TPE (with co extruder) Main motor 30 – 250 kW AC motor Screw diameter 50 – 90 mm Barrel L/D ratio 30:1 - 36:1 Continuous screen changer Included Melt pressure pump Included Sheet width Up to 5.000 mm Sheet thickness Sheet:  150 – 2.000 µm | (0.15 – 2.0 mm) Plate:   Up to 20 mm Layer distribution 2 layer B-A; 3 layer B-A-B; 5 layer C-B-A-B-C; 7 layer D-C-B-A-B-C-D Output Up to 1500 kg/hr.