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Meaf extruder + Kreyenborg ir-clean

MEAF combines its R-PET extruders with KREYENBORG IR-CLEAN® system

Yerseke, The Netherlands,  1 October 2019 – As of today MEAF customers can order their R-PET extruders  with a KREYENBORG IR-CLEAN® system for the drying and decontamination of post-consumer PET flakes for the production of food packaging in compliance with  food safety regulations.  The extrusion part of the combination, a MEAF 90mm APET extruder with an inline IV* measurement device, will be presented at the MEAF stand at K-2019 (Hall 17 / Booth A22).

The use of a MEAF PET extruder in combination with the IR-CLEAN system offers food packaging manufacturers a solution that has been verified by a Letter of Non-Objection from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and is in compliance with the criteria established by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), for the use of recycled materials for direct food contact packaging. By choosing  this robust and economical solution PET sheet producers can meet the strict recycling demands placed on them by  their customers and take a major step towards 100% circular PET production.

Due to the recycling and cleaning process, post-consumer PET flakes usually have a relatively high humidity. For the production of food grade PET it is therefore vital that the material is crystallized, dried and decontaminated, before being processed in an extruder. The KREYENBORG system does all that while using only 0.14 to 0.16 kWh/kg,  maintaining the IV-value of the PET flakes and thus providing the best PET sheet for thermoforming food grade packaging. In combination with the MEAF 90 mm PET extruder, with an energy consumption of  0.18 to 0.20 kWh/kg, this is one of the most energy efficient R-PET food packaging solutions in the industry.

‘The KREYENBORG  infrared dryers are well known for  their fast processing time, process simplicity, low maintenance costs, energy efficiency and low investment cost,’ adds Matthias Draganski, Sales Manager at KREYENBORG. ‘ That matches well  with MEAFs engineering and  design philosophies. We’re both family owned companies, there is a shared business culture, so we look forward to our further co-operation with MEAF.’

Later this year MEAF will install a complete R-PET production line, combining the MEAF 90+50 co-extruder with a KREYENBORG IR-CLEAN  for test purposes. Ardjan Houtekamer, Technical Director at MEAF, says: ‘We are investing in this line to allow our customers from the food packaging industry to run trials with their specific grades and, by doing so, gain some important knowledge and experience with the processing of R-PET. By having this in-house, our design engineers will be directly available to assist them if needed. In addition, working with customers this way will point us towards further potential improvements that we can make to our machines.’

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Founded in 1947, MEAF designs, develops and builds extrusion machines for the global packaging and plastics processing industry. The company is a ‘one-stop-shop’ for extruders and  thermoforming machines for a wide range of polymers and applications. MEAF’s  success stems from a customer-centric, innovative and flexible approach, offering support  in every stage of the production process. MEAF customers include manufacturers  in the food packaging, disposables, medical applications and flooring sectors, as well as the automotive and aviation industry. For more information:


Based in Senden, Westphalia (Germany), KREYENBORG has been manufacturing machines and equipment for over 60 years. We are specialized in innovative solutions for storing, drying, metering and mixing of demanding bulk solids in the plastic, food and chemical industries with only one goal: the intelligent combination of these process steps to ensure the efficient supply of materials in your production plants. Our specialists work on optimal solutions for the requirements of our customers every day. The intensive dialogue with customers and business partners is an important pillar of our work often resulting in product improvements and new developments.

At K2019 Kreyenborg can be found in Hall 9, Booth A55. For more information:

*Intrinsic Viscosity (IV) is a measure of the polymers molecular weight and reflects the material’s melting point, crystallinity and tensile strength. The IV is used as part of the specification to select the right grade of PET for a particular application. Any water present in the extrusion process will cause hydrolytic degradation of PET , resulting  in a significant IV loss, followed by a loss of process control and reductions in end-product properties.

The MEAF PET extruder in combination the IR-CLEAN system is one of the most energy efficient R-PET food packaging solutions in the industry. (Source: MEAF)