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Save up to 675.000 kWh annually on your energy consumption!

Eco-rPET reduces plastics

Packaging solutions made from Eco-rPET are 20% to 30% lighter than conventional PET packaging. Depending on the application, they can be manufactured translucent or in any desirable color. The pearlescent effect gives the packaging a very elegant and high-quality look and feel. Thermoformed trays and cups made from rEco-PET feature excellent rigidity and are insensitive to scratch marks making them suitable to safely stow berries or other delicate foods. This helps not only to reduce food waste but also protects the environment, as each produced tray uses 20 % less plastic. It goes without saying that lower plastics consumption is significantly cutting manufacturing cost.

Eco-rPET packaging can be produced from recycled bottle flakes and is fully recyclable after being used itself. It can be manufactured on any existing or new PET sheet extrusion line by incorporating the physical foaming technology. By adding smallest amounts of environmental friendly gases, microcells are generated, resulting in a lighter product weight. MEAF supports film and packaging producers worldwide throughout the whole process: from planning to implementation to commissioning.

MEAF Machines BV cooperates with one of the leading European suppliers of unique key components and solutions in the area of mixing, foaming and cooling in plastics processing and polymer production. Together with our partner, we serve the industry with effective solutions for the reduction of the environmental footprint, cost savings and quality improvements in extrusion and injection molding. A motivated team with long-standing experience and extensive process and application know-how ensures excellent consultancy and service. Our solution offerings include Foam Extrusion Systems, CO2/N2 Gas Dosing Stations, Key Components for the Production of Light Foams, Mixing Nozzles, Melt Blenders, Melt Coolers and Inline-Viscosity Measurement Systems.