Save up to EUR 80.640 annually on your energy costs for sheet extrusion!

MEAF Machines produces the most energy-efficient sheet extrusion lines for film an sheet available on the market! Ever increasing energy costs, cost prices which are under pressure, continuously changing demands from different markets are the basis for the MEAF H-series sheet extrusion lines!

The MEAF H-series extruders are equipped with an energy efficient design, consisting of an optimisation of “key-components”, such as screw & barrel, heating elements en temperature profile (developed by MEAF’s engineers). This provides a unique concept when it comes to energy saving, which has proven itself already for many years!

Energy consumption comparison convetional vs. MEAF H-series

Due to the optimised design of the H-series, it is possible to generate average energy consumption between 0.18 and 0.22 kW/kg! This consumption is for the complete extruder, including the calander + rubber-roller unit.

In order to further minimize the energy consumption, our extruders can be equipped with ceramic, isolated heating elements. These save up to 33% on electric consumption by transporting the radiation heat directly into the extruder barrel.

Principle workings of energy saving heating elements

Advantages of these isolated heating elements are the possibility of heat recuperation (which can also be used for different applications), safe to touch upto 450 °C and the elements are easy dis- and remounted for extruder maintenance.

Advantages of the MEAF H-Series sheet extrusion line:

  • Produces higher output at lower melt temperatures and RPM (<200);
  • Short residence time, reduces wear on the material;
  • High percentage of regrind possible;
  • Reduction of energy consumption by at least 50%;
  • Compact sheet extrusion line construction;
  • Customisable due to modular design – even after the sales;
  • Comes standard in a 45° degree layout for processing even the thinnest sheet;
  • User and operator friendly operating system Extrusol;
  • Customisable to Customer’s individual requirements when it comes to key components!

MEAF’s extrusion possibilities:

Foil : 200 – 2.000 µm | (0.2 - 2.0mm)
Sheet : up to 8.000 µm | (up to 8mm) 
Co-extrusion : up to 7 layers 
Width : up to 2.500 mm



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