Sheet Extrusion Lines

The MEAF Sheetlines are complete extrusion lines with all necessary components to produce different kinds of foil and sheets. Due to the modular design of the sheet lines we can meet the different requirements of our customers trough selection of the required modules listed below.

Sheet Extrusion Line

The major bulk of the application areas covers the thermoforming grades of sheet for disposable and food-packaging containers, produced within a thickness range of 200 - 2000 µm (0.2 - 2.0mm) and generally wound into rolls of diameters varying from 500 - 2.000mm.

Other major areas encompass luggage shells, carpet/automotive products, refrigerator doors and liners, advertising signs, displays, shower rays, bathtubs, lightening fixtures and others! For these applications plate thickness up to 20mm and width of 500 - 2.500 mm in high gloss or embossed finishes are able to being produced on the MEAF sheetlines.

The MEAF sheetlines are designed to be: 

  • Sustainable due to production space reduction, lasting equipment life and reduced total energy consumption by at least 50% compared to competitors;
  • Produces higher output at lower melt temperatures and RPM (<200 RPM);
  • Short residence time, reduces wear on the material;
  • High ratio of regrind possible;
  • Operated efficiently due to compact build & operator friendly, in-house by MEAF developed, operating system “ExtruSol”;
  • Easier maintainable due to an extruder screw which is extractable from the rear side of the machine;
  • Customisable (even after sales) due to modular design principle;
  • Adjustable to the Customer’s individual requirements and needs when it comes to key components or space requirements.

50-H34 + 50-E30


The MEAF H-series extruders are equipped with an energy efficient design, consisting of an optimisation of “key-components”, such as screw & barrel, heating elements en temperature profile (developed by MEAF’s engineers). This provides a unique concept when it comes to energy saving, which has proven itself already for many years!
Due to the optimised design of the H-series, it is possible to generate average energy consumption between 0.16 en 0.18 kW/kg! This consumption is for the complete extrusion line, including the calander.

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Quick specs

Suitable for

(with co extruders)

Sheet width

Up to 2.500 mm


Sheet:  200 – 2.000 µm | (0.2 - 2.0 mm)
Plate:   Up to 20.000 µm | (20.0 mm)


Up to 1200 kg/hr

Multi-layer options

Up to 7 layers