Thickness gauge

As technological developments are a continuous process and Customers are always interested in development which are price-attractive on the one hand and on the other hand can reduce costs!

A thickness measurement system is for sheet extrusion a first investment which offers both these advantages; however these can be costly investment. MEAF has invested their R&D to create a price-attractive alternative to the other suppliers and has come up with its own standalone unit.

Thickness measurement system

The DM 1100 series offer thickness measurements with extreme stability and accuracy. Applying them in extrusion and calander lines provides reliable measurement results in high precision and thus creates the basic for controlling the production process and eventually the quality achieved. The systems measure differentially i.e. an application-specific displacement sensor is integrated on a mechanical carriage in the upper and lower flange of the frame which detects the upper side of the target material. The sensor technology applied measure without contact, wear-free and without isotopes or X-rays. Besides the capacitive sensor an Eddy current sensor is applied into the unit to compensate for deflection in the roller to improve the results.  This process provides long-term reliable measured data while avoiding consequential costs.


  • No consequential costs due to isotopes or X-rays;
  • Integrated system for monitoring inspection;
  • Capacitive & Eddy current sensor technology.


Besides the model described above, MEAF can also deliver thickness measurement systems from external suppliers which have extra capabilities such as the integration with an automatic bolt adjustment system in the flat die.

Bottomline : Save money and increase sheet quality with a minimal investment!!

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Additional Information:



Quick specs

Max. measuring sheet width

1.100 mm - 1.500 mm

Max. measuring thickness

up to 2mm


1 µm

Principle of measuring

Capacitive sensor

Eddy current sensor

Measuring gap

5 mm

Diameter of the sensor

40 mm

Measuring spot diameter

12,6 mm