MEAF Machines B.V. is since 1947 a manufacturer of sheet extrusion lines and thermoforming machine for various industries, including food packaging, dairy products, automotive industry and others.  MEAF’s originated as a manufacturing company for production equipment for various utensils and plastic products (including sheet, jerry cans, lifebuoys, bollards and even surf boards). The first steps towards being a production company are set quickly by MEAF’s original founder, Mr. Adriaan Hovestadt, as he starts to produce plastic products, whilst maintaing the constructing and manufacturing of the machines himself!

MEAF’s philosophy when it comes to building machinery, is rooted in an unfailing urge to continuously innovate and find solutions, combined with the viewpoint of a (plastic) production company (being until the beginning of the 1990’s one of MEAF’s core-businesses!). This unique philosophy results in a bridge between the customer’s requirements and efficient, operator-friendly and flexible equipment. At the very core of every MEAF machine you will find:

  • Operating efficiency, due to compact build of machinery & operator friendly, in-house by MEAF developed, operating system;
  • Customisable, due to machine configuration adjustment possibilities prior to order and easy adaptations after purchase;
  • Sustainable by reducing production space, lasting equipment lifetime and reduction of energy consumption!

BE MEAFABLE! : Manufacture Efficiently and Adapt to the Future

Increasing energy costs, customer’s demanding flexibility when it comes to product variety, rising costs for production space and environmental consciousness are the driving factors for continuous improvement of MEAFs’ sheet extrusion lines and thermoforming machines.

When adapting your production plant to the MEAFable philosophy, it will result in:

  • Decrease of energy consumption by improving production efficiency;
  • Decrease of utilized production space by reducing equipment size;
  • Decrease of operator requirements due to compact equipment;
  • Increase of flexibility by having MEAF’s customisable equipment;
  • Increase of operator effectiveness by simplifying machine operation;
  • Increase of adaptability by having MEAF’s equipment, ready for future amendments;
  • Increase of the overall sustainability of your production process!

By incorporating the MEAFable philosophy, your production process will become more effective, sustainable and flexible, resulting in a cost-effective way of production!




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